The weather has caught up to the right month, finally.

And while we still have summery red peppers in the CSA, it’s contrasted by the big butternut squash that is just waiting to be made into soup. We’re easing into our root vegetable routines. Mainly I’m excited to not have the pressure of eating all the ingredients within a few days lest they go bad—instead, I can take that acorn squash from last week and mix it with the beet greens from this week in a chicken pot pie.

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 16} | Things I Made Today

We had a relaxing weekend with my parents in town, a wedding last night, and a whole lot of nothing else. I feel the busy-ness of summer coming to a close. Hot Toddy’s, you’re next on my list.

Here’s what I’m pairing with those Hot Toddy’s:

Bell Peppers

Win Choi

Russet Potatoes


Butternut Squash

Savoy Cabbage



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