I’m coming off a week of pure crazy.

Thirteen hour work days powered by espresso and take out dinner. A two and a half year old whose new favorite phrase is “I don’t want to.” A smudge on my camera lens that rendered every photo I took of my vegetables blurry, leaving me with just this shot from the iPhone. Here’s a behind the scenes—I’d say it’s where the magic happens but there has been so little magic lately. Can’t I just find some inspiration soon?

CSA Series {Week 5} | Things I Made Today

To be honest, I haven’t felt like cooking much. And if I am cooking, it’s most definitely from a recipe source I can trust—one where I don’t need to think but can just follow instructions. Take Julia Child’s Zucchini Tian or Ottolenghi’s Seafood and Fennel Salad.

This weekend, we were invited to barbecues both Friday and Saturday night, so I did zero cooking. But, with the CSA basket full of goodness, I’m psyching myself up for the challenge. Here’s what I’m considering for the week:




New Potatoes

Summer Squash & Patty Pan Squash

Tendersweet Cabbage



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