It’s the first signs of fall in the CSA basket this week: delicata squash!

Which is ironic, because as I write this, I’m sitting outside of a pool in Sonoma, CA. It’s currently 92 degrees and still rising, with the high predicted to be 109 today. My computer somewhat feels like it’s melting my lap, so I’m inclined to get this posted quickly.

CSA Series {Week 13} | Things I Made Today

We’re here with my family for the long weekend, surviving the heat and enjoying the wineries, but mainly just getting some time to relax. The heat may be melting our brains too because this is definitely the most relaxed I’ve ever seen this family.

The peppers above are from the Sonoma farmer’s market, but ours at home are equally beautiful. Soon, we’ll be back to cooler temperatures, and here’s what I’m dreaming of:

Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes






Honeydew Melon/Watermelon


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