It’s the first winter share of the season and I am drowning in root vegetables.

We’ve got enough carrots to turn Theo orange for a week. Enough potatoes to satisfy Jason’s crazy. And enough squash that I can keep myself busy with soups and curries for the next couple of weeks. It’s marvelous. The best part of the winter share is that—despite the overwhelm that comes with getting this much food in a single week—almost everything stores well. We’ll just get started with that bok choy early this week.

CSA Series {Week 21} | Things I Made Today

We’ve had a crazy travel schedule these past couple of weeks (and will continue to have it for the next couple of weeks), so I haven’t been keeping up. Despite that, I’m still dreaming big. Here’s what I’m thinking about as I look at this massive CSA basket:

Bok Choy



Green Tomatoes


Red Cabbage



Red Potatoes

Winter Squashes


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