For me, the official marker of winter is when we put our storm windows in.

Our house, built in the 1930s, has beautiful, large, wood windows in every room. The windows are the highlight of the house, but of course, as is to be expected from windows that are almost 90 years old, they’re drafty, creaky, and full of inefficiency. We finally made the storm window switch this weekend.

We bought this house with absolutely no idea what goes into maintaining a home built in the 30s, one where mostly everything is original minus the kitchen. Jason spends most of his free time on a project here or there, and I usually help where I can, but mainly I’m in charge of the cosmetic details. The house has character—that’s for sure—and living here certainly builds character too.

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 22} | Things I Made Today

We’re in process of planning a renovation project for our front hall—one that is mainly cosmetic but will also fix some of the problems that have developed over the years, plus update some of the parts that are just not up to modern code. We joked for about 30 seconds that we should do this project ourselves and then immediately found someone to work with, because let’s not kid ourselves, we have no idea what we’re doing.

While I’ve been pulling together all the tile and fixtures for that (with the help of Krizia from Oak + Olive), I’ve had a bit less time to plan what’s for dinner. I finally got a chance today to sit down and go through the giant CSA basket we got this week. Here’s what I’m drooling over this week:



Brussels Sprouts




Sweet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes

Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash

Is anyone looking for Thanksgiving recipes for next year yet?

Too soon? I don’t care, because I came home from the long holiday weekend brainstorming the menu for next year, and how we most definitely need a new potato dish. This year’s menu did include a cauliflower gratin which was excellent, and got my sister and I thinking—is gratin the way to go? Taking the lead from our president-elect, we too decided that we should make America gratin again*. And thus, here we are.

Make America Gratin Again | Things I Made Today*Make America Gratin Again is 100% the work of Jenny Volvovski, owner of ALSO Design, designer of this site and a lot of other pretty things on the internet.

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Are your pants hurting you right now?

Mine are definitely feeling a bit snug, which I guess is to be expected. We’ve had a mostly-lovely Thanksgiving this year—the exception being that about 5 minutes into dinner Theo started yelling “done” and wanted nothing to do with the best holiday of the year. But he recovered quickly (animal crackers and grandmas for the win).

As always, I’m documenting our menu for future generations to come. Just for reference, this is the sixth year I’ve done this (see 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 for historical context). It all started with the annual video conference a week before where we plan the menu. This time around we moved through things very quickly.

Thanksgiving 2016 | Things I Made Today

We seem to be getting better at this—we have a better sense of how much food is required to feed the group (we only make twice as much as needed rather than five times), a better sense of how long things will take and what should start cooking when, a better sense of how the food will look when placed all together on a plate (it’s important, trust me). Between my mother, my sister, and me, we understand how to divvy up the tasks and still have time for a walk sometime during the day. This last bit is important for keeping the pant-hurting levels to a minimum.

Now on to the menu.
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