Things are looking mighty green these days.

This week’s CSA basket is almost 100% monochrome, minus the fact that we scored some giant purple asparagus and some non-green potatoes. But you guys—the garlic scapes are here, which means I’m in pure vegetable heaven. I don’t know what it is about their long tendrils that get me super excited, but I love them. I love them grilled, I love them chopped into salads, I love them sauteed or even made into dips. Honestly I just like looking at them. Someone make me a painting of a messy bunch of scapes to hang on the wall (no seriously—I’ll pay you).

CSA Series {Week 2} | Things I Made Today

I’ve got lots of ideas of what to cook with this week’s CSA basket plus all the goodies I picked up at the market on Saturday (strawberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and whatever else Theo stashed into his stroller). Here’s what I’m daydreaming of this week:




Lettuce and Lettuce Mix

Arugula/Mizuna Mix

Napa Cabbage

Garlic Scapes

Bok Choy


Better late than never for this spring dish, I say.

Sure it may be June and sure, strawberries may be the highlight of the market’s these days at least here in Wisconsin, but let’s not all forget that some of those early spring vegetables like asparagus and radishes are still worth writing about.

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The first week of the CSA always sneaks up on me.

Can it really be June already? How did we get here so quickly? The market has now been going full speed for a month and a half, but this week it was time to pick up my favorite little delivery. For the fourth year in a row, we’re members of King’s Hill Farm‘s CSA—and there is a reason we stick with them.

CSA Series {Week 1} | Things I Made Today

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