This marks the end of the CSA. Tears.

It’s been a really wonderful couple of months getting deliveries from King’s Hill Farm. This, unfortunately, is our last week. We’ve gone through the whole spectrum of late spring, summer, and early fall vegetables and have managed to keep up with the volume.

I would absolutely recommend King’s Hill Farm to anyone interested in joining a CSA next year. That being said, here’s what we got this week:

Farmer's Market/CSA Series {Week 19} | Things I Made Today

And here’s my evil plans:

  • Finally! Brussel sprouts! My absolute favorite vegetable. Ever since my Madison Food Blogger lunch at Cooper’s Tavern, I’ve been craving their brussel sprout salad. I think it’s time to recreate.
  • Pretty little sweet potatoes. We’ll be out of town this weekend for our dear friend Ann and Matthew’s wedding, and I think this sweet potato/pasta casserole will be an easy thing to whip up on Sunday night when we get back.
  • Always space in the vegetable basket for fresh onions.
  • Carrots just keep on coming. I’m thinking combining these with the beets and arugula and adding some blue cheese for a nice fall salad.
  • And in the middle there we’ve got some fresh horseradish. Two uses: a homemade cocktail sauce and a horseradish hummus (which used to be my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s until they changed the recipe and totally messed it up).

What are you making this week?

It was probably about a month ago when these tacos came into my life.

Our friends Angela and Nick, back in town after moving away last year, joined us for our Wednesday dinner group. When they left last winter, I knew we would miss the witty banter they always provided to the group and their incredibly sweet son Silas, who would be put to bed at our house during long dinners and wake up utterly confused by his surroundings. But, I’ll admit it, I knew another big loss to the state of Wisconsin would be Angela’s cooking.

Roasted Root Vegetable and Chicken Tacos with Chili Mayo | Things I Made Today

So, when they came to visit, instead of one of us volunteering to host the guests for dinner, we put Angela to work. read the rest »

Hello delicious dinner that took half an hour to make.

You are my favorite kind of meal. Because you seem fancy. But you’re secretly not.

Trout with Braised Turnips and Swiss Chard | Things I Made Today

If it seems like I’ve been pumping out so much volume on the blog lately, it true. It’s because the CSA box has kept me challenged, making sure I use up every last morsel in a creative way and not letting a single carrot go to waste. There’s only one more week left, and I’m looking forward to taking a little detour from the kitchen. Perhaps I’ll pick up that knitting project I started last year. Or maybe I’ll actually get moving on the nursery. read the rest »