Surprise! King’s Hill Farm decided to offer us a Thanksgiving basket. Life is good.

In addition to all these goodies, this week has also brought several other exciting events for TIMT. Our intern, Emily Erickson, started this Friday and is slowly but surely whipping me into shape. First step: creating a bonafide Facebook page to share our content with you guys. I’ll also be sharing content from other blogs around the Internets that I love, and I think you’ll love it too. So you know, go like us on Facebook.

Anyways, back to the basket. Here’s what we’re looking at this Thanksgiving week:

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 20} | Things I Made Today

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Brussel sprouts are getting shredded and stuffed into chicken breasts with some red onion and feta.
  • This cauliflower will get the roasting treatment with some simple spices.
  • Leeks and carrots! How about some of this minestrone soup to fight off the frost?
  • About 3 pounds of red, blue, and golden potatoes. Obviously mashing these. With mascarpone. And more leeks.
  • In the middle there we have a few sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes. I’ve never made anything super exciting with these, anyone have any suggestions?
  • Last but not least some golden beets. How about making some hummus as a pre-Thanksgiving snack?

What are you guys cooking before the holiday craziness begins?

Last week, I came down with a pretty nasty head cold.

I think it started in my yoga class, when everyone was talking about how sick they’d been for the last couple weeks, and I quietly said that I was feeling pretty great and moved my mat a little closer to the edges of the room. I swear, I should have kept my mouth shut because lo and behold, the next morning I woke up barely able to breath out of my nose.

Quick Pickled Beet Salad with Blue Cheese and Crushed Hazelnuts | Things I Made Today read the rest »

It’s about time for another dumpling recipe.

I’ve been known to make my fair share of gnocchi, both the potato and other vegetable kind. This weekend, I set my sights on a ricotta version. Gnocchi, for those that aren’t familiar, are basically little Italian balls of dough made from cheeses, starchy vegetables, and flour. They’re eaten as the pasta dish (as in the first plate, before the meat or fish) in typical Italian meals. I unfortunately did not get to eat enough gnocchi last time we were in Italy, so now I’m making up for it.

Ricotta Gnocchi with Anchovy Tomato Sauce | Things I Made Today read the rest »