These winter CSA deliveries have me all sorts of excited.

This one in particular basically screams “make kimchi” to me. And I’m envisioning that everything that doesn’t go into the kimchi will make it’s way to Chicago with me to become Thanksgiving dinner. That’s right, it’s the week before Thanksgiving, the greatest holiday of all time, where my mother, sister, and I get to cook for two days straight and keep our anxiety levels around everything turning out well just the tiniest bit below crazy. This year’s signature cocktail will be the Gold Rush, and that should keep everything pleasant.

CSA Series {Week 22} | Things I Made Today

In case you want ideas other than just kimchi and Thanksgiving, here’s all the things you can do with this week’s basket:

Bok Choy




Napa Cabbage






Russet Potatoes


Jester Squash

A few weeks ago, I texted my friend Whitney, “We should go somewhere.”

Last Thursday we were on a plane to Charleston, SC with literally nothing planned other than an Airbnb to stay in and a Google Map with about 100 restaurants pinned. It was bound to be a perfect trip.

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Alright Wisconsin. If you’re doing this, I’m doing this.

This weekend you gave me rain and cold, and I get it. I’m going all in. I’m making chili. It felt perhaps a bit premature—after all we’re still clearly in fall territory—but I had all the ingredients and I figured it was the right thing to do.

Green Tomato, Black Bean, and Corn Chili | Things I Made Today read the rest »