I completely forgot to tell you, but a couple months ago, I made this very interesting and unique salad.

It has mixed baby greens, baby carrots, baby peas, and the cutest little cherry tomatoes I could find. All ingredients are, of course, locally sourced.

Mixed Baby Greens with Baby Carrots, Baby Peas, and Tiny Cherry Tomatoes I Things I Made Today

I served this salad as a side to a delicious rack of baby back ribs. It was glorious.

Okay fine. I’m giving it up. I’ve run out of baby-named food items and poorly phrased puns. We’re having a baby! Not a food one! A human one! This is how excited we are:

Mixed Baby Greens with Baby Carrots, Baby Peas, and Tiny Cherry Tomatoes | Things I Made Today

I know, we’re so unoriginal…first we got married, then we bought a house, and now this. How totally cliche. But you guys know my affinity for tiny things, so a baby seemed like the logical next step.

We’ll be welcoming our new family member in January of 2015. I will refrain from showing you any belly pictures until my brain goes into sentimental mush mode and I can’t stop myself. But to hold you over, here’s what Jason looks like pregnant:

Mixed Baby Greens with Baby Carrots, Baby Peas, and Tiny Cherry Tomatoes | Things I Made Today

When in doubt on what to do with eggplant, make eggplant fries.

Not only is it painfully simple, it also is a nice change up from most traditional eggplant preparations. Since we’ve been getting so much of it in our CSA lately, I’ve been grilling them, or making terrines, or just roasting them and pouring sauces on top. In all these meals, the eggplant is soft and juicy, soaking up the flavor of those things around it.

Eggplant Fries with Marinara Sauce | Things I Made Today

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For the last 15 or so years, my parents have been spending one summer weekend up in Spring Green, WI at the American Player’s Theater.

Spring Green is about 45 minutes west of Madison. They started coming before I ever set sights on Madison as a potential school to go to—before I graduated, took a job, made a life, and bought a house here. When I was in college living in exposed-wire houses with 8 other people, they would politely stop by, sometimes take me with them, and then make their way back to Chicago or rent a hotel for the weekend. Now that I’m a fully functioning adult, with a guest bedroom, things work a little different.

Black and White Bean Salad with Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella | Things I Made Today

So much so, that this has become one of my favorite summer traditions. They come, we prepare boatloads of salads and sandwiches and snacks that are loaded up into a cooler, and then we take a short drive. We usually see two plays: one afternoon performance (this year: Romeo and Juliet) and one evening performance (The Importance of Being Earnest). read the rest »