Well this weekend was a marked improvement over the last.

Everyone is happy and healthy and full of energy. Appetites are back, which is a good thing, because we just got our first winter share of the season and it’s a cornucopia of winter goods. This weekend also marked the last outdoor farmer’s market of the season, so we made sure to make our way up there, even though we didn’t really need anything. Except cider. You can always get more cider.

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 20} | Things I Made Today

We’ll be out of town for part of this week, so I’m hoping to use up some of the more perishable items quickly and letting the rest wait until we return. Here’s what I’m drooling over lately:


Chioggia Beets

Brussels Sprouts

Savoy Cabbage



Red Cabbage



Kuri Squash

Butternut Squash


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