Our family of three doesn’t have a lot of traditions.

We don’t eat tacos on Tuesdays or fish fry on Fridays. We don’t vacation to the same place each year. We don’t have holiday decorations that rotate throughout the year. For the most part, we like to change things up, probably to an absurd extent, because at this point I think I’ve rearranged and redecorated our office at least 5 times in the 4 years we’ve lived here.

But the one thing that truly does feel like tradition is Saturday mornings. We have a formula: wake up, get dressed, slam an espresso or milk, and hop on our bikes. We take the same route each time (down the bikepath and up State Street) to the farmer’s market. We park our bikes, buy donuts (and more coffee), and then hit the market. It’s become our church.

CSA Series {Week 15} | Things I Made Today

Somehow even the CSA couldn’t satiate me this week. We ended up hauling one of the largest loads we’ve ever had from the market—full of cider, flowers, scallions, mushrooms, and more tomatoes (how that is possible, I don’t know). So I’ve got big dreams for this week. Here are some ideas:

Red Cabbage

Romaine Lettuce

Cherry Tomatoes + Tomatoes


Bell Peppers

Acorn Squash

Delicata Squash

Red Onions



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