It’s that time of the week again!

For those of you that are part of King’s Hill Farm’s CSA and are using this blog as a resource for what to make with your basket, I apologize. I am officially backlogged with photos to edit and recipes to write up, but hoping that I can catch up soon. I’m going to make more of an effort to not only give you a brief description of new things I’m making this week, but also suggest some recipes from the archives, lest you don’t have time to wait for me to get the latest post up. I hope that helps (and thanks for the emails!).

On to the vegetables we go:

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 6} | Things I Made Today

Farmer's Market & CSA Series {Week 6} | Things I Made Today

Starting from the top:

  • Some lovely easter egg radishes will be sliced thin and paired with anchovies on toast. That’s my kind of lunch. Other radish ideas? Pickle them, add them to this salad or this salad, or throw them into a gazpacho.
  • A couple large salad turnips that I’ll be mashing with goat cheese and caramelized leeks. But if you want to go a simpler route, you can always braise them with their greens or serve them with fish.
  • Just a couple small zucchinis in the box this week, enough to throw into any kind of salad. If you’re feeling more ambitious, try Pisto Manchego, pureeing them into a gazpacho, or grilling them up with some eggplant and a lovely za’atar vinaigrette.
  • More asparagus (Jason is reaching his breaking point, I can always eat more). I’ll be blanching these babies and tossing them with shrimp and a shallot vinaigrette for a light dinner, but you could always just throw a poached egg on top and call it dinner.
  • And then some spring garlic to pep up any of your dinners, just use it like you would regular garlic.
  • We’ve got a whole bag of Yukon Gold potatoes on our hands. The opportunities are, of course, endless, and I have yet to choose one. You can add curry, add paprika, or roast them underneath a whole chicken. Not sure what I’ll do yet.

Then we come to the greens:

  • A big head of Napa cabbage. Obvious choice: Asian-style cabbage rolls. On the repeat roll for sure.
  • Green head lettuce, arugula, and baby lettuce mix are getting the obvious treatment: salad. Don’t over think it, just eat it.

What are you guys cooking this week?


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